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Image by Visax
Image by Visax
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music notes white-music-note-clip-art-9i

I am super excited and pleased to announce my newest instrumental release of "Beauty and the Beast" (released June 27th, 2022). I love fairytales as they remind us that dreams can and do come true, if we believe! Of all fairytales out there, I must say that "Beauty and the Beast" is my absolute favorite of ALL time. This instrumental release has totally evolved (6 months in the making!) into something purely magical. This is a rich blend of classical and contemporary instruments coming together to form this truly magical and uplifting piece.


It was so much fun playing this piece on the piano and working with so many amazing instrumentalists to bring this musical idea to fruition. As I mentioned from my first instrumental release "On Eagle's Wings" (released April 11th, 2021), the flute was my very first instrument (and then eventually piano became my main instrument). However, the flute continues to be my most favorite solo instrument of all.


In this release, returning by popular demand is Dario Cei (Italy) on the Alto Flute. Additionally, added some new music team members to the mix including Yuriy Melnyk (Ukraine) on Orchestrations, Adele Ceccanti (Italy) on Clarinet, Marco Pardini (Italy) on Percussions, Sanya Smileska (Macedonia) on Violin, and Dario Cei with a surprise performance on Drums. And lastly, I am super excited to be bringing back Brandon Meeks (USA) on Bass & Artem Zhulyev (Spain) on Sax, both who were previously featured on my vocal release, "Ordinary Fool" (from Seasons of Love EP, released February 14th, 2019). You are definitely in for a treat!! 


My sincere hope and intent for this piece is that you will be inspired and given a sense of renewed hope that dreams can and do come true. Not just in fairytales, but in YOUR life as well. Be Blessed and Inspired Always!

To hear more on the back story of my release, visit Beauty and the Beast - The Heart and Intent of this Single Music Notes" on my Music Blog.

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Thanks so much for your love & support of my music.

"Sharing the gift of music, one note at a time..."

Much Love,

LT Turner Jr, Music Artist

Beauty and the Beast

By Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

Copyright Wonderland Music Company Inc.


Producer & Arranger: LT Turner Jr

Piano: LT Turner Jr

Alto Flute: Dario Cei

Clarinet: Adele Ceccanti

Violin: Sanya Smileska

Percussion: Marco Pardini

Drums: Dario Cei

Bass: Brandon Meeks

Sax: Artem Zhulyev

Orchestration: Yuriy Melnyk

Engineer: Shordeli (Bryan Shortell)

Graphic Artist: Sandriesoft, Inc.

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"What a beautiful instrument you have and thank you for sharing your gift with us. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite compositions and your version is just gorgeous!! I'm enjoying listening to all your songs - thank you."

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"Sounds absolutely wonderful! Congratulations for the amazing work you've put together"

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"Beautiful LT, a moment of beauty and calmness in this busy world!"

music heart-music.jpg

"Congratulations on your new single. It sounds beautiful and calming. I wish you all the luck. Keep making good music!"

Thank you 310201.JPG

"So soothing, wonderful, professional and enjoyable!  Thank you for such a beautiful song"

Thank you music ff722ee18c49536854b963b3

"Beautifully done!"

music DEA9AC1DDC8B450088B7C3278FCD5026.j

"Love it! Love It! Love It!

music heart-music.jpg

"Thoroughly enjoying your rendition of Beauty And The Beast! I put it on replay several times!"

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