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What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? Here's the Top 4 of Many!

It’s been long known for centuries in the eastern cultures the incredible health benefits of seaweed. However, the good news is that these benefits are increasing in popularity in the western hemisphere of our planet. On your next trip to the grocery store, pay attention to more and more products containing seaweed.

Why this sudden increase of awareness? More and more people are starting to see to major health benefits of sea vegetation. Seeing is believing? Well once you begin actually experiencing the powerful benefits of this, Feeling will be believing!

So what are the health benefits of seaweed? Quite frankly, there are so many health benefits to list here in one article. However, I will cover some highlights for you….

Lowers Blood Pressure/Increases Blood Circulation

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

People are always looking for natural and holistic ways to well-being! This incredible super food is definitely an all natural way to increase blood circulation in your body, support your cardiovascular system and yes, even lower blood pressure.

Specifically Spirulina, is a great way to prevent heart disease and keep your heart healthy by providing all the nutrients it needs to support your body. Bladderwrack & Kelp is also a great choice. This sea plant is used (among many other things) for arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and blood cleansing.

Aids Digestion & Waste Movement

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

I’ve always believed in natural & holistic approaches to well-being. I remember the days when I used to suffer from major heartburn and digestive issues. It wasn’t until I added natural organic aloe to my diet that those symptoms eventually went away. I was never too fond of the taste or smell, but found some gel capsules (organic too!) that works great.

And on top of that it only got better once I added seaweed to my diet. It aids in digestion and waste movement in your body, thus helping you to stay pH balanced and regular. Bladderwrak is definitely the top sea plants to use if you need some digestive support.

Maintains a Healthy Thyroid Function

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

Your thyroid gland is an essential part of the body. It regulates the body metabolic rate as well as the heart and digestive function, brain development, muscle control and bone and mood maintenance. It’s proper functioning is dependent on the amount of iodine in your diet.

A doctor friend of mine told me that over 80% of her patients were iodine deficient and unfortunately many adults are lacking in this. But the good thing is that Bladderwrack like other sea plants are a good source of iodine which will enable your thyroid to function properly, thus regulating your body accordingly.

Best Defense Against Colds & Flu

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? Here's the Top 4 of Many!

Unless you live alone and don’t go out much, we are always surrounded by germs and viruses. In the work place, kids, schools, colleges, stores, planes, churches, bathrooms, you name it – they are everywhere. I firmly believe if we give our bodies what it needs, it will fight off those colds and flu! Seaweed is packed with so many immune boosting properties (particular Bladderwrack,& Spirulina) in my opinion this is the best defense out there.

Everyone is always saying to me, “LT, you are never sick. What’s your secret?“. Seaweed is definitely one of secrets to well-being in my life. It’s a wonder that not more people are utilizing this powerful super food in their diet.

Best Source of Vitamins & Minerals

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

Vitamins are great and I usually recommend everyone to take a daily multivitamin to ensure you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals and covering any gaps that your body may be lacking. However, did you know that the majority of vitamins out there are synthetic. I much prefer taking an all natural product straight from nature and harnessing the power of it.

Seaweed is actually the BEST source of vitamins and minerals and covers most of the entire vitamin spectrum. Adding sea lettuce to your diet will provide your body with the much-needed vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and varying amounts of B-vitamins such as B1, B2, B12, and folate. And adding Spirulina to the mix, you will also benefit from the protein, B-vitamins and iron.

Targets Abdominal Fat

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

Who ever thought eating healthy can actually help you lose abdominal fat? That’s right. Many brown seaweeds, including wakame, bladderwrack are rich in fucoxanthin, which is a member of the carotenoid family which has been proven to target abdominal fat.

Chinese scientists has been studying this and has proven that fucoxanthin does indeed have fat burning properties. So need to lose some abdominal fat? Try some brown seaweed!!

Plus Many More Benefits

What Are The Health Benefits of Seaweed? The Ultimate Super Food!

The benefits of seaweed are countless! I just mentioned the main ones. But Seaweed does so much. It increases energy levels, promotes healthier skin, hair and nails (yes, your nails will grow just LIKE seaweed LOL). It also supports bone and joint health, helps regulate metabolism and supports weight management, supports a health digestive system and just so much more!

With all these benefits, it’s a wonder why seaweed is a staple in everyone’s diet. If you are looking to get healthier, feel better and improve your overall well-being, I suggest adding some seaweed into your life. If you don’t like the smell, taste or texture, you can take seaweed as a daily supplement which I do.

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Wishing you much health & well-being!!!

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