April 30, 2018


What motivates you? After reading some quotes today on enthusiasm, it made me really think about this word and its meaning and how it affects us in life. It's a true fact that if one is not doing something in life that he/she is enthusiastic about, it will be a difficult thing to experience a continuous flow of pure joy and happiness. 

The definition of enthusiasm is "intense & eager enjoyment or interest". The key word is "intense". When you have enthusiasm for something, it's an intense feeling. And when you mix enthusiasm with passion and drive, you will become unstoppable. These are the fuel towards motivation. Without gas in car, it will not drive. In the same matter, without enthusiasm, passion and drive - there is no motivation.


I sometimes get asked, what drives me? It's an enthusiastic, passionate drive that's deep in the core of my being. With music and the arts, I never get tired of it. Why? Because I am enthusiastic and passionate about it. It's a part of who I am down at the core. With these factors of fueling motivation - the fire blazes on strong and furious.  


Have you ever been to a show, concert, event or even a sales person that lacked enthusiasm? Without it, there is no life in what you do. 


We have to ask ourselves are we doing something in life that we are not enthusiastic about? Are we just doing something to make someone else happy or live up to someone else's expectation?  


Yes, there are things we have to do in life to survive - that's life. But putting that aside, what would you like to be doing in life that you are enthusiastic and passionate about? Music? Dancing? Writing? Cooking? Encouraging Others? Spirituality? Teaching? Blogging? Sales? Business? 


As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" 


"If you follow your enthusiastic, passionate drive, and bliss - this is where you will find pure joy and happiness in your life." - LT Turner Jr 


To YOUR happiness & joy.........


Be Blessed & Inspired Always, 

LT Turner Jr
Inspirational Blogger

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