Rise Above and Soar

June 20, 2020




















We can learn so many lessons from nature and the animals of our world. Of course many times we are not paying attention to these lessons, but if we make the intention to be open, we will start to see all the many and valuable lessons that are presented to us. 


I have written many times on the lessons we can learn from nature. But this blog post, I am going to focus on lessons we can learn from one of most majestic creatures of all time, the eagle. 


Those Pestering Crows




















I was reading an inspirational reading by one of my favorite Inspirational & Motivational speakers, Joel Osteen. In this reading it spoke about the eagle and how the eagle can rise above its challenges. Interestingly enough (something new I didn't know) is that the crow is one of the eagle's pest. The crow will come up behind the eagle pester it, doing things to annoy the eagle. Although the eagle is much larger, it can't maneuver as fast. 


Instead of getting upset and trying to fight the crow, the eagle knows something that the crow doesn't. 


Your Innate Gifts Are More Powerful
























The eagle uses its innate gifts and spreads out it seven-foot wingspan, catches the wind and continues to rise higher, higher and higher. Rising over and above the crows. 


The eagle has no time to mess around with the crows of its life. It just simply rise higher and higher. At the heights that the eagle travels at this point, the crow can not follow. 


So what can we learn from the eagle? 


We have crows in our life. People, circumstances, and challenges that try to bring us down. If we let these crows have their way, they will bring us down and allow us to lose our peace. 


However, when people, circumstances or challenges try to bring you down and pester you.... 


Remember the eagle and rise above. 


Above Is Where You Were Meant To Be




















Rise above those crows. They are not worth your time or effort. Simply ignore them and rise above. 


Because guess what? 


Above is where your dreams are.

Above is where peace is.

Above is where love is.


Above is where abundance is.

Above is where well-being is.

Above is where joy is.

Above is where happiness. 


Rise above & soar! Above is where you were meant to be! - LT Turner Jr


Be Blessed & Inspired Always, 

LT Turner Jr
Inspirational Blogger

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