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How Do Subliminal Messages Work? The Ultimate Subconscious Partnership

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? The Ultimate Subconscious Partnership

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? The Ultimate Subconscious Partnership

Whether you have heard of subliminal messages or not, I am pretty confident that you have been influenced by subliminal messages in one way or another. Your subconscious is like a human sponge. It picks up everything you listen to AND everything you visually see. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s good or what’s not. Like a computer, it just stores everything.

You see – your subconscious mind is the power house of your mind. Believe it or not, it’s responsible for what you do, say, and think. What goes in – comes out! Unfortunately, we often store “not so good things” here. We have stored years of negative and limited beliefs, self-doubt, fears, failures, and the list can go on and on.

Before we dig into this a bit further, we need to understand how do subliminal messages work? And then how can we leverage subliminal messages to our advantage for our desired change?

The Secret Revealed

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? The Secret Revealed

The word “subliminal” is made up of two Latin words “sub” (meaning below) and “limen” (meaning threshold). So putting them together “below threshold”. What that simply means is that subliminal messages (whether audio or visual) are below the “threshold” of human conscious awareness.

Now that we know what “subliminal” mean. We can dig into how this secret works for our benefit. Your brain is the most complex “machine” ever known to man. It’s simply a masterpiece and even today, we have only scratched the surface of what it can do. However, the power of the subconscious is nothing new. For centuries this “power” has been known. Maybe not understood to the degree of how we understand it today, but it’s definitely nothing new.

The conscious mind is only active when we are awake. There are so many details in the day. From getting up, to breakfast, to heading to work, interacting with others, lunch, deadlines, family, friends, relationships, and the list goes on and on.

However, your subconscious is always working – day or night, 24/7 – whether you realize it or not. It’s not bothered by any of these details – that’s what your conscious mind is for. Your subconscious is free to take on all the other details, including your thoughts. Yes, even your thoughts.

By utilizing subliminal messages, you are literally feeding your subconscious mind what it needs to achieve any desire or goal you have as it’s YOUR subconscious which is the driving force of everything you do, think and say.

Think about that!

If you could install these “positive super charged affirmations” directly into your subconscious, would you?

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Here’s an example for you…..

For years, you have been overcome with fear with public speaking. Unfortunately, this is part of your job and it’s the part of your job that you truly dislike. You WANT to be able to speak in public with little or no fear, but you have consumed your thoughts with thoughts of fear. This chronic thought pattern for so long has created limiting beliefs, thus impacting and directly feeding all this into your subconscious.

You’ve tried everything to try to overcome this fear and nothing has been working. Why? Because your subconscious is now working against you. But it’s only doing what you have installed into it.

That’s the power of this.

So what if you can install positive super charged affirmations directly into your subconscious, thus overriding the previous “programming”?

  1. “I am a powerful public speaker”.

  2. “I love public speaking”

  3. “I am a highly effective public speaker”

  4. “People love to listen to me when I speak”

  5. “I speak in public with ease and confidence”

I am sure you are saying these are only affirmations that you can say out loud. And yes, that is true. However, it takes a significant amount of time for your subconscious to start to accept these statements as true since it’s been bombarded by those negative thoughts and fears for so long.

But with subliminal messages, it instantly goes there and in 21 days or less (sometimes more and sometimes less), you will start to notice changes. Slightly at first, but as you continue with this positive “bombardment”, much larger changes will occur and then momentum will ensue – and it will become a breeze for you.

You will notice when the opportunity arises for you to do some public speaking, it won’t seem as daunting as it did before. In time, you will find that you are enjoying it more and more. You will find you are speaking more with confidence. You will find people love to listen to you when you speak.

And why is all this starting to happen? Because your subconscious is only doing what YOU have programmed it to do.

See how powerful this can be?

Highly Effective

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? Highly Effective

What goes in the subconscious is responsible for behavior, actions and changes, whether good or bad. So if there are any desired changes or goals we would like to see in our life – we need to start with the powerhouse of our brain and leverage this gift that we have been given.

This is why subliminal messages are highly effective for desired change! These messages go right past the conscious mind right into the subconscious. This way, the logical mind doesn’t get in the way at all.

The more and more your subconscious mind is exposed to these new ideas, the easier it will be to change from the inside out. And this will happen quite naturally in alignment with The Law of Attraction.

Audio or Visual Stimuli

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? Audio or Visual Stimuli

As we learned earlier, subliminal messages are messages that are “below the threshold” of hearing or seeing of human consciousness. There are many audios out there that you can download that utilize subliminal messages. Many of these files are set to music or nature sounds and the “super charged affirmations” are being sent directly to your subconscious as you sit back and enjoy the music or nature sounds.

Now I was not aware that there was subliminal messages software that you can install on your computer and allow subliminal messages (or even pictures) to be flashed on your computer while you work. When I found this out, I was overjoyed, because it’s nothing you have to do. Just turn on the software and as you work on your computer, your subconscious is being bombarded with these positive “super charged affirmations”. YOU choose what messages you desire to be flashed. YOU choose what pictures you desire to be flashed.

I utilize BOTH audio and visual method of subliminal messages and if you want desired change to happen even more quickly, then I would advise to use both methods.

How Often?

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? How Often?

One question that comes up is how often should you utilize subliminal messages? It’s totally up to you. However, what I recommend is audios….listen 2-3 times per day. Just like you feed your physical body three times per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the same way, by feeding your subconscious mind three times per day will significantly have a huge impact on your desired change. You will see results happening more quickly. And momentum with the Law of Attraction will ensue.

Another great way to benefit from subliminal messages is listening to them while you sleep. You see your conscious mind is not active, so your subconscious becomes even more receptive. I love to listen to music while I sleep, so I mix up my playlist with some subliminal messages and feed my subconscious while I sleep. 🙂

As for visual, well since you can just turn on the software on your computer, I keep it running while I am at the computer. I literally have 1000+ positive supercharged affirmations bombarding my subconscious.

It’s truly amazing! Especially with both working towards your advantage.

What Change Do You Desire?

How Do Subliminal Messages Work? What Change Do You Desire?

So now that you aware of this powerful tool, what changes do you desire in your life? You can utilize the power of subliminal messages to your advantage in ANY area of your life! It’s truly the ultimate subconscious partnership!

Here are my top recommended tools for subliminal messages (both audio & visual):

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you! 

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Tom Caldwell
Tom Caldwell
Feb 11, 2021

LT Turner Jr. Thank you for a very informative article. I find that repetition and consistency are key to reaching the subconscious mind. In the past, I did not have to self-discipline that it takes to use affirmations successfully. Now I use a calendar and each night I check off the date and say my affirmation. This practice helps me stay consistent with repeating my affirmation each night before going to sleep.


Carl Davies
Carl Davies
Jan 28, 2021

I know sometimes it can be hard to stay positive (like in covid-19) but if we take the time, we can ALWAYS see the positivise.


Amy Starr Allen
Amy Starr Allen
Jan 28, 2021

Such a great post. Everything about the subconscious mind is exciting and fascinating to me. I've been studying it for many years and I LOVE that we can use all kinds of amazing practices, such as what you have laid out here, to improve our lives by reprogramming our subconscious mind! Thanks for sharing all of this amazing information and these powerful resources, LT!


LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Feb 17, 2020

@ jkbenedek - Yes, indeed my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad this helped :)


LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Feb 17, 2020

@ Jacob - Thanks so much for stopping by. And you are so right, our unconscious is really running the show - so its definitely important we give it what it needs to better our life and move it in the direction that we desire. I am glad to hear this blog post inspired you start using subliminal messages again. Blessings! :)

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