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Image by Visax


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"When October Goes" (released November 21st, 2016) was my 2nd single release which was the precursor to my EP, "Season's of Love" (released on February 14th, 2019). We all experience various "seasons" of love in our lives and this single represents the "fall" season of love.

It's a love song of true reflections of all the wonderful and memorable times in our lives. This song doesn't just reflect on romantic love, but of all aspects of love in our lives. Whether you are thinking of a very dear and special person that is no longer part of your life. Or perhaps you have children that are all grown up and as you are watching their children growing often times reminds you of yourself. Or perhaps you are now retired and you're reminiscing about all the good times you've shared with family and friends who may have moved on from your experience.

This song is exactly that, a time of magical memories of those special times in your life that you hold so dear to your heart. I encourage you to enjoy and cherish those special times with loved ones or friends and be sure to cherish each and every moment, as its truly a Gift!

To hear more on the back story of my release, visit "When October Goes" Music Notes" on my Music Blog


When October Goes
By Barry Manilow and Johnny Mercer


Universal Music-Careers And Wb Music Corp. 

O/B/O The Johnny Mercer Foundation


Producer: LT Turner Jr
Engineer: Luke Mitchell
Photo: Delena Williams
CD Design: Sandriesoft, Inc.
Orchestra: Tency Music
Recorded at: LukeBox Studios, Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA

Image by Visax

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