This is fantastic! What a gorgeous voice you have! I love it! I think you'd make Smokey Robinson blush! - Aaron


Phenomenal - I didn't know you can sing like that! - Josh


Awesome! You sound great! You have a beautiful voice...and I enjoyed it very much. Will be buying concert tickets soon! - Lisa

I have just purchased your album, "Seasons of Love" and I have the first track blasting out right now! It's fantastic! You have an amazing voice. - Rainbow Woods


We really enjoyed listening to your song! - Darwin Beats


You sound incredible! Your tone and clarity as always on point. - China


Great - beautiful voice! - Carol


I love it - Sounds amazing! - Roxanne


You sound great! - Alasia


Your single!! I absolutely love it! I am sooo glad I finally downloaded it! Can't wait for the next one! - Heather


Beautiful. That's coming from one vocalist to another. - Leslie


Your music is Awesome! - Juan


Lovin your single. Waiting for the album! - Cynthia


Just went to CD Baby and bought "Betcha...." Love it!  - DJ Ben Shutt


You are blessed with a great voice! - Paulette


Some voice you've got there LT - Nick


LT, touched by your new song!!! Your voice is unbelievable. Years have only refined your sound. like a fine wine. - Juan


Love the site... spinning record.... betcha by golly wow... sounds great. - George


Wow LT is that you singing? wow... we should be seeing you in lights? on stage? where have you been hiding.. well done, Kudos.. and lets see and hear more of that amazing voice :)  Love your voice..  - Helene


I LOVE IT!!!  - Melissa


You've got my attention. You have recorded one of my very favorite songs from back in the day- You helped spark some positive images and put a smile in my mind! Hope your milestone moved your life in a forward direction. God Bless! Teri 


I love it - I really like your voice! - Denise


You are great  - Almaz


Sounds great! Hope Betcha by Golly Wow is a total hit. - Seventrip


WOW, your voice is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! A man of faith, creative, intellectual, does it get any better :-) - Jon


OMG! You sound amazing. When October Goes is great! - Delena


I like your voice very much. I am so amazed - Len Len


You have a beautiful voice  - Sharon


You're amazing my brother - Rick


Beautiful - Vickie

Your voice is awesome. - Joyce


Sounds really good - Be Chap Beats


You sure got it going on I am loving that music and your beautiful voice. I love seeing you tap into your greatness to become all that you were created to be Congrats!! KEEP SHINNING!! - Nevada


Love your new song...your TONE is Soooooooooo rich and full, it just lifts the song to even higher levels! - China


Your singing talent seems to have developed and grown and enhanced as you age just as in a fine wine. What a gem you are! - Lisa


Love the way you sing that song - Joyce


Very Impressed with your Vocals!  - Rob

I am proud of you little bro and how far you've come.  You're very talented and I know you will do great things as you have already done. I know you have worked so hard on this. Go with God &  continue to make and play  & arrange & sing great music! - Shenesa

You're blessed with a beautiful peaceful voice - Annette

Your heart and soul shines through all of your music. I love your authenticity! - Sheri

I just wanted to let you know that I listened to the whole EP. It was fantastic! You sound a lot like Johnny Mathis, just better. So your song were great and your voice is fantastic. - Mike


I love it! I'm going to be listening to this all weekend!! - Sheri


Found myself playing the EP over and over again. Beautiful voice LT, I definitely felt the different seasons. Looking forward to moe music from you. - Delena


You are very gifted with a beautiful voice and an amazing piano player. Betcha by Golly is still my favorite. I wish you all the best. - Cindy


Your voice is so beautiful - Angelina


Simply beautiful - Shenesa


Sounds good! - Ricky


Just listening to you new it!!!! MB


YOUR TONE... MY,MY,MY - China!

Your voice is so beautiful! - Paul 


Thank you all for your love and support!


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