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Music Artist:  Singer, Pianist, Arranger, Conductor, Recording Artist. 
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Thank you for your  support of my music

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I am super excited and pleased to announce my newest instrumental release of "The Way We Were" (released June 3rd, 2024). After a year-long hiatus to focus on my move, it feels great to be back making music again! 


In this release, it was so much fun creating the arrangement on the piano, and working with some amazing musicians to bring this musical rendition to fruition (3 months in the making!).  


Returning by popular demand is Dario Cei (Italy) on the Alto Flute and Iliya Ryakhovskiy (USA) on Orchestrations. This arrangement provides a full romantic, moving, and powerfully majestic orchestral sound for your enjoyment and inspiration on your journey. 


"Memories, like the corners of my mind" are sometimes like "scattered pictures" of things we left behind. "The Way We Were" is a true inspiration for us to choose to focus on the good times rather than not. My sincere hope and intent is that you will be inspired and given a sense of renewed peace, hope, and love as you listen and journey through the ebbs and flows, blossoming crescendos, and peaceful moments of this song.  As we learn to focus on the good ("so it's the laughter, we will remember") and let go of the rest, our lives can then blossom into the beauty that we so desire and deserve.


Be Blessed and Inspired Always!

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Thanks so much for your love & support of my music.

"Sharing the gift of music, one note at a time..."

Much Love,

LT Turner Jr, Music Artist

The Way We Were

By Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, and Marvin Hamlisch

Copyright EMI April Music Inc. o/b/o Colgems-EMI Music Inc.


Producer & Arranger: LT Turner Jr

Piano: LT Turner Jr

Alto Flute: Dario Cei

Orchestration: Iliya Ryakhovskiy

Engineer: Shordeli (Bryan Shortell)

Graphic Artist: LT Turner Jr, Sandriesoft, Inc.

Seasons of Love EP

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That song sounds like it needs to be on a movie set Bravo!!!

Thank you music ff722ee18c49536854b963b3

It brought tears to my eyes. Always loved the song. Absolutely beautiful ❤️ love it!

music DEA9AC1DDC8B450088B7C3278FCD5026.j

It is a beautiful rendition! continue to share your love of music 🎶 one note at a time it inspires!!!

music heart-music.jpg

Great relaxing music. Loved it

Thank you 310201.JPG

I love it!  Such a full and enriching sound!  I feel like I'm actually present for a live concert! 

Thank you music ff722ee18c49536854b963b3

Amazing! You’ve really created something special with this one!

music DEA9AC1DDC8B450088B7C3278FCD5026.j

One of my fav songs!!!!!AWSOME JOB!!

music heart-music.jpg

Beautiful melody! ~

Affiliate Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. 
Click here to view my Affiliate Disclosure.  Thank you for your support!

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