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Be The Best YOU!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Be The Best YOU!

The New Year is truly a magical time. It's a season of letting go of the old and moving forward to something new.  Simply put, it's a time of new beginnings. A new beginning to the best YOU that you can be.  

On the flip side, this time of year can be somewhat daunting for many. Why is this? Because many are comparing themselves to others. Comparing yourself with others is a dangerous pastime. It can literally destroy your self-worth and self-esteem over time. When you compare yourself to someone else, you are actually saying "I am not good enough. They are better than me". And that type of self talk can lead you down the wrong path. 

Being inspired by others is a good thing. But there is a fine line between inspiration and comparison. Instead of comparing yourself to others, turn it around and celebrate and express gratitude for them. This will turn that feeling around to something more positive. 

Remember, Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon. You are running your own race

There will always be someone more talented, smarter, good looking, and successful than you. But the good news is there will never be another YOU

YOU are special. 

YOU are unique.

YOU are more than enough. 

Think about that!

Today, this year and looking into next, set the intention to Be The Best YOU!!!

"Be Yourself, everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Blogger

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"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

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