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Making Decisions

Making Decisions

Making decisions can sometimes be a challenging and daunting task, especially when a decision can be life altering. When we are faced with a great decision in our life, it can sometimes feel like all the pressures of the world are up against you. 

I know for myself whenever I am faced with especially a major decision, my mind starts to race with so many questions and "What If" scenarios. If I continue to dwell on this, it ultimately becomes a feeling of overwhelm which is definitely not the place to be when seeking to make the right decision. 

Life is full of choices and decisions and some of them can be very uncomfortable to make. 

But the good news is that there are processes that you can do to help make the decision process so much easier. If you follow these steps, you'll find that a load has been lifted as you are allowing your higher self to guide you in the direction that you should go. 

I have been following these steps on most of my major decisions and I can honestly say, this truly works.

Every Action Must Have a Reaction

Deepak Chopra (American-Indian Author, spiritual leader, and alternative-medicine advocate) teaches the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. One of those 7 Laws is, The Law of Kharma.

Kharma is the Sanskrit word for action. Its equivalent to Newton's Law, "every action must have a reaction". Depra outlines 4 Steps when making a choice or a decision and through these steps/processes, you will know and feel the right decision. 

I have been following these principles in my decision process even before I even learned this from Depra Chopra, so I have incorporated his steps mixed in with my personal processes to help and guide you in your decision making. 

Evaluating the Benefits of the Decision

The first question that Deepak Chopra advises that we must ask ourselves when making a decision is:

What are the consequences of this choice/decision that I am making? 

There can be positive or negative consequences to your decision. This is also known as weighing the pros and cons of the decisions. 

However, I like to ask myself the following question instead, as to keep my energy on a higher frequency. 

What are the BENEFITS of this decision? 

By focusing on the benefits of the decision, will help to bring the light all of the benefits thereof. It really helps to write them down and SEE them. Writing things down is that much more powerful.  If the benefits are few compared to another, then it may be a good way to see which is the best decision to take. 

Measuring Happiness & Fulfillment

The next question to ask in this decision making process is:

Will this choice bring fulfillment and happiness to me AND to those affected by this decision? 

There is a grid out there (that I learned from Esther & Jerry Hicks) which equates various emotions to the state by which we are on the frequency of (i.e. whatever you are tuned into).

For instance, if you are on the frequency (i.e the emotion) of happiness and fulfillment, you are FEELING good. However, if you are on the frequency of frustration, anger, or confusion, you are FEELING bad.

This is a FEELING universe, so its important to pay attention to our FEELINGS. 

So when you are making a decision, write down and focus on if this decision will bring fulfillment and happiness to you AND to those affected by this decision. 

Your Heart is Your Guidance Center

The next step in the decision making process is:

Ask your heart for guidance. 

Yes, it's that simple. As humans we try to over complicate things. And making decisions can definitely be a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. 

You see our hearts are connected to our Higher Self which is connected to The Source of All.

Some call this God, The Universe, Spirit, Divine Providence, Higher Power. No matter what you call this, we are spiritual beings connected to a Higher Source, so its important to ask your Source for guidance. 

Your heart will guide you, if you pay attention. 

Listen For The Answer

The last step is another simple one:

Listen for the answer

I know for myself, I have to be in a total state of peace and clarity in order to receive the answer. A great way to be in a state of peace and clarity is to simply meditate. 

Simply by meditating and setting the intention that you will receive the answer and the guidance that you seek is sometimes all there is to it. 

I know there are some misconceptions out there that meditation is hard to do, but actually if you can sit, be still, and breathe..... that's pretty much all to it. 

Here is a post I wrote which broke down meditation in 4 simple steps. On the bottom of the post, there is even a free download audio where through a scientific breakthrough (brainwave entrainment), it actually meditates FOR YOU. You can just sit, listen and be quiet. 

After meditating and receiving peace and clarity of mind, this is the place where the answer is found. 

Depak Chopra advises that when listening for the answer, determine if that decision is bringing you comfort or discomfort. 

A way that I know that I am making the right decision is by the way I FEEL. 

If I am at peace and FEEL peace about the decision, then I KNOW that I am making the right decision. Especially after going through the 4 step process. 

I truly hope that these processes really help in your decision making process. I know decision making can be challenging and tough, but by following these simple processes, you'll find peace and comfort knowing that you are making the right decision. 

Best wishes to you in all your decision making processes! 

Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Blogger

P.S. Missed My Last Blog? No problem.

You can access it here: Rise Above and Soar

"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

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