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Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve!

Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve!

This blog post is a very special and dear one to me. It's something we all have to evaluate in ourselves for ourselves. Are we settling for less than we deserve? 

A couple of months ago, I was speaking with a very wise college friend of mine. We were discussing a certain topic and she said with the utmost wisdom to me, "There is no need to settle for what matters most to you".

For weeks that stuck in my head. It was such a simple, yet profound statement. I knew my standards. I knew what was important to me. I knew my worth (or did I?) and almost settled for an experience that I knew was not worth my time or energy. It made me wonder in life, why do we sometimes settle? 

Why Do We Settle?

We settle for jobs that we don't like. We settle for relationships that don't fulfill us. We settle for places where we don't enjoy living. We settle for the way others treat us. We settle for mediocre lives. We settle for poverty. We settle for ill health. We settle for unfulfilled dreams. We settle....we settle....we settle. In another sense, settling can also be a form of "giving up" on what we desire or our dreams. 

There are many reasons why we settle. Feelings of worthlessness, lack of self confidence in ourselves, or sometimes we may feel (or don't have faith) that we simply can't find something better. 

We must realize, these things are NOT true (unless we believe them to be true). We must learn to remove these old, limiting beliefs from our minds. Because this limiting and worthless thinking is keeping us right where we are. 

You see, you must realize (and Esther Hicks says it best) "There is NOTHING we can not do, be or have". We were created for greatness. We are Sons & Daughters of The Divine - we are indeed Royalty. So we must come into agreement with this fact and know, there is NO reason to settle for less than what we desire or deserve.

We are only bound by the limitations of our own mind. Additionally, we must not allow other's limitations to keep us limited!! (Did you get that?

Know Your Worth

Before we can begin this new way of thinking, we must learn to know our worth. If we don't know our worth, how can we expect others to know our worth? As a quote says that I saw online, we must get off the clearance rack and get behind the glass of valuables. What's interesting is sometimes what is reflected in our lives is a reflection of how we truly think about ourselves. 

If we want to be treated with respect, we have to treat ourselves with respect. If we want others to recognize our worthiness, we must know our worthiness. Of course we can't control what others think or do - but we can control what we think and do. 

Go out and live your BEST LIFE now!

Know your worth - Believe In Your Dreams - NEVER settle for less than what you desire or deserve!! - LT Turner Jr

Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Blogger

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"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

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