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The Powerful Law of Gratitude: Part I - The Benefits of Gratitude

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The Powerful Law of Gratitude: Part I - The Benefits of Gratitude

We all are aware of the word gratitude. Someone opens the door for you, and you respond, "Thank you". But there is so much more to gratitude than just saying "Thank you". Gratitude is such a powerful force, that it is actually called The Law of Gratitude. In essence, its part of the Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself, is drawn - like attracts likes).

The more grateful you feel, the more things to be grateful for will be drawn towards you. It's like a magnet or mirror, what you put out, will in turn come back to you. The Law of Attraction is also referred to as the Law of Sowing & Reaping which is talked about in the ancient scriptures of old. If you sow Gratitude, you will reap Gratitude. Same concept. 

The Benefits of Gratitude

I was first introduced to the power of gratitude through a book I read many years ago called "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. The book talks about gratitude in great detail and how to embrace your entire life with gratitude. What I have learned and experienced is that your life becomes almost "magical" when you practice gratitude on a daily basis. And believe it or not, being grateful has some proven scientific benefits too as outlined in Psychology Today:

  • Gratitude opens the doors to more relationships in your life

  • Gratitude improves physical health

  • Gratitude improves psychological health

  • Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression.

  • Grateful people sleep better

  • Gratitude improves self-esteem

  • Gratitude increases mental strength

Body, Mind & Spirit

As you can see Gratitude can really do the body, mind and spirit good. Additionally, you will just FEEL much better and experience more happiness and joy in your life.

And the more you continue to  practice gratitude, the more things that you desire will flow into your life that will cause you be even more grateful for. On the other hand, the more you complain about the lack of something in your life, the more you will attract to you (like a magnet) more things to complain about. 

Sow complaints, reap more things to complain about.

Sow Gratitude, reap more things to be grateful for.

What are you sowing in your life? 

As to keep my blogs, short and readable, I am dividing this blog in three parts. 

Part I: The Benefits of Gratitude

Part II: How Do I Practice Gratitude?

  • Beginning Your Day Right

  • Continue Throughout the Day

  • Ending Your Day Right

Part III: Where Should I Focus My Gratitude? (followed by Conclusion)

My next blog post will focus on HOW to practice gratitude on a daily basis. 

Until next time,

"Sow some gratitude today. It's free, you will FEEL better doing it, and you will reap the benefits of this powerful force" - LT Turner Jr

Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Blogger

P.S. Missed My Last Blog? No problem.

You can access it here: "Enthusiasm"

"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you!

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