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"What Is An Indie Artist?" Music Notes

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

"What Is An Indie Artist?" Music Notes

WELCOME to my fourth edition of Music Notes, which essentially is my Music Blog. Music Notes will provide more detailed information on my music, releases, updates or various musical articles.

So without further ado, enjoy this edition of Music Notes.

What Is An Indie Artist?

"Betcha By Golly Wow" Music Notes

Being an independent artist myself, there are lots of questions around...

What is an Indie Artist?

One of the best definitions that I could find was from Studio120blog:

"In today’s music industry, many are unclear as to what it means to be an

independent artist. The most basic definition of an independent music artist

is a undiscovered group that is not signed to one of the big four labels. Artists

under the big four record labels, Sony, Universal Music Group, Warner Music

Group, and EMI are generally defined as “Major Signed” artists.

Beyond the major label artists, independent artists include everyone from the

high school music prodigy who is dropping his first album to the accomplished

indie artist who now owns his own label to maintain creative control over his

music. According to SoundScan, the company responsible for tracking music

sales, independent music makes up 18% of the total music market share."

So in short - there are really two types of indie artists..

1) Independent Artists who are signed with an independent label or record

company.....(again not part of big four labels mentioned above)

2) Independent Artists who are not signed with any label or record

company who are solely "independent" controlling their own music.

The term "independent" was always intended to mean

"independently generated without the financing or creative input of major labels"

There are many gray areas with this term in today's music arena. Additionally,

the term "indie" has blurred into genre's and styles (such as Indie Rock, etc).

But for the intention of this email - we are not looking at genre's or styles.

Next time- we'll touch on specific ways fans support independent artists.

As always, thank you so much for your love and support of my music!!!!!

Musically Yours,

LT Turner Jr Musical Artist (Vocalist, Pianist, Conductor, Recording Artist)

"Sharing the gift of music, one note at a time....."

- LT Turner Jr

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LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
29 giu 2020

@Amy Starr Allen - Wow, I didn't realize that you were a musician and even worked in the industry. Do you sing or play an instrument? That's awesome and sounded like so much fun working in the industry where you were able to help up and coming artists. Thanks for stopping by and reading. :)

Mi piace

LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
29 giu 2020

@Alex Bender - You are still right. The term "indie" has blurred into genre's and styles (such as Indie Rock, etc). But I am glad this post brought clarity for you when it comes to Indie Artists. :)

Mi piace

Amy Starr Allen
Amy Starr Allen
27 giu 2020

Love this, LT. I used to work in the music industry as the distribution manager for a company that helped independednt artists get their work out into the world. It was awesome... I got back stage passes to all of the music festivals and I got to go seek out and find the ones that I thought it would be good to get the distribution for. As a musician who never even tried to do anything with my music, I have so much respect for the artists that work really hard to get their work out into the world. There are so many amazing ones that nobody has ever heard of. It was always fun to be able to get…

Mi piace

Alex Bender
Alex Bender
21 giu 2020

Well damn LT, I did not know that - I always thought an Indie artist was some type of genre and I had myself thinking WTF is indie music - now I know!!!!!!

Mi piace
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