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"7 Quick Ways to Support Indie Artists - Part II" Music Notes

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

"7 Quick Ways to Support Indie Artists - Part II" Music Notes

WELCOME to my sixth edition of Music Notes, which essentially is my Music Blog. Music Notes will provide more detailed information on my music, releases, updates or various musical articles.

So without further ado, enjoy this edition of Music Notes.

Last time ("7 Quick Ways to Support Indie Artists - Part I" Music Notes) we discussed 4 different ways that listeners and fans can support Indie Artist. Now we will cover the remaining 3.....

Music Gear

Most Indie Artists have some type of music gear that fans can purchase. Whether its a key chain, t-shirt, or a mug. This is a great way to support the artist and receive something cool back in return that you can wear or use. Music Gear is a two punch way because not only are helping the artist financially by purchasing the music gear, but by using or wearing the item, its an easy and effective way to help spread the word.

Listen On Streaming Sites

Yes, believe it or not, when you listen to your favorite artist on Spotify (or any other of the many streaming sites out there for music) - the artist of the song gets paid. The more and more you listen, the more revenue is generated for that artist. (ever see those artist that has over 1 million listens to their song? They are getting a nice deposit into their account) Something as simple as creating a play list of your favorite artist on Spotify can go along way to help the artist's ratings.

If you have some favorite genre playlists, simply add the songs of your artist that fits that genre. That helps the artist when listening to the song and also it helps the streaming software add that song or artist as a suggestion to other artists or songs alike. If you are into Social Media marketing, I am sure you understand the importance of understanding the algorithms of the platform and how to best benefit from this. The music streaming sites are no different.

So go and listen away! (oh yes, listening to your favorite artist on YouTube also helps gets the artist more traction on the net).

Make a Donation

Again being an independent artist, recording fees, mixing/mastering, collaborating with other artists, music gear, getting your music on the online music hubs, licensing fees, graphic arts, marketing, social media, and the list goes on. These costs adds up and if they are not signed by a major music label - all is this is out of pocket. Just recording one song, recording, mixing, and mastering can cost an average of ~$1000. So if an artist does a 10 song album release, that's an average of ~ $10,000. This is not including manufacturing CD's (should the artist go this route), music gear (really popular for artist are download cards or USB drives), getting your music on online music hubs, paying other artist that were part of the project, licensing, graphics, marketing, websites, etc.

So as you can, your favorite Indie Artist totally appreciate donations. Most have a donations link on their website, email or social media sites - or you can contact the artist directly if you'd like to make a donation. Making a donation really makes a huge statement to the artist that you really believe in them without nothing in return. For an artist, no donation is too small or too large. It's all appreciated!

All in all, supporting your favorite indie artist can be easy and even

free to do so.

Next time, we will cover one more that a friend and supporter of my music showed me how she shared my music with others. Stay Tuned!

On a personal note - thank you to all of you who have done 1 or

many of the these 7 ways. I totally appreciate your love & support.

Musically Yours,

LT Turner Jr Music Artist (Vocalist, Pianist, Arranger, Conductor, Recording Artist)

"Sharing the gift of music, one note at a time....."

- LT Turner Jr

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LT, touched by your new song!!! Your voice is unbelievable. Years have only refined your sound. like a fine wine. - Juan

Love the site... spinning record.... betcha by golly wow... sounds great. - George

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LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Aug 14, 2020

@ Paul Hutchings - Ha ha - so glad that you are learning new things from my posts. Grateful for the opportunity to share. And thank you for stopping by and sharing your light. :)


LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Aug 14, 2020

@Alex Bender - Thanks so much - glad you enjoyed the tips. With streaming, its all about volume. You won't get rich from one stream on one platform, but if you have 1000's of streams each month from over 30+ streaming sites, that money adds up! I am grateful for my authorized music distributor as they distribute my music over 30+ steaming platforms. Great exposure. Thanks for stopping by. :)


LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Aug 14, 2020

@Amy Starr Allen - You are very welcome! Glad I can help share some light in ways to support musical artists. :)


Amy Starr Allen
Amy Starr Allen
Aug 12, 2020

Great post, LT. So many great ideas here for supporting Indie artists! Thanks so much for always being so clear and thorough in all of your content. I love learning from you.


Paul Hutchings
Paul Hutchings
Aug 10, 2020

Awesome post LT and i learned something new. Indie = Independent.. ha ha.. You'd think I would have known that but I always through "Indie" was some trendy new age word.. Keep up the awesome work!


PS - Here's the most recent post of mine that I'm working on getting some link juice for.. :-) Thanks for letting me share!

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