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The Law of Seedtime & Harvest - It's Your Season!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Law of Seedtime & Harvest - It's Your Season!

There are many Laws of the Universe that govern our existence. I am sure you are familiar with The Law of Gravity. If you are holding a ball and you drop it, through the Law of Gravity, it will fall to the ground.

Another Law that you may be familiar with is The Law of Attraction: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. One Law that we sometimes forget or don't hear much about is the Law of Seedtime & Harvest. Some know this as the Law of Sowing & Reaping. But in essence they are one in the same. 

There is Seedtime.....and there is Harvest 

Yes, indeed. There is seedtime.....and there is harvest. By Law, the harvest can not occur unless there is a time of seedtime and sowing. One can not exist without the other. It's the natural Laws of the Universe in action. If we learn to work with these God-given Laws, we really can achieve anything that we put our minds to such that all of our dreams and desires can happen. 

Often times when we see or hear successful people or we may see some posts on Facebook or you may receive an email of something great that has happened to someone. 

Someone lost 100lbs and they look absolutely amazing!

Someone is now making six figures in their home based business!

Someone just earned their doctorate!

Someone just started their own business!

Someone just released a CD!

Someone just got married!

You see all these wonderful things and you think to yourself, "Wow, must be nice. Wish I can do that too". 

But you must realize, you are only seeing the Harvest!

What you are NOT seeing is the seedtime and sowing that too place over the months and years. It took time and care and water those seeds, to nurture them, to look over them and allow The Sun to nourish those seeds in the fertile ground (your mind). 

Yes, your MIND is the ground by which you plant those seeds. Are you planting seeds on good, positive soil of love, joy, happiness, hope and faith? Or are you planting seeds on negative soils of frustration, doubt, anger, fear, etc? 

As you continue to water and nourish those seeds, in time - yes, in time, the seed will grow and through inspired action, it will continue to grow. 

In a past blog post "From Thought To Fruition", I talked in short about my musical journey. My thought was "I want to be a recording artist and record some music".

That was the seed.

Now I could have just let that seed die. But I did not. I watered that seed and it started to grow and grow until The Harvest happened. What most don't see or even know is the process of watering that seed....

The many years of music, voice, and piano that I studied and learned to become a better musician. The many years I directed choirs, ensembles, orchestras and learned how to bring about a harmonic sound in collaboration with others . The many hours spent in the studios, the many emails back and forth between my musicians and working to ensure every measure of the song works in perfect harmony. 

The many hours working with the music producers, mixing and mastering the music. The many hours updating my websites, updating links, working with my music distributor, obtaining licensing, working with my graphic artist for music designs,  and the list goes on and on. 

BUT since the release of my debut single back in 2016, my song and music continues to be purchased and played and my fan based has grown not only in the US, but to other parts of the world. 

Over the past 8 months, my music has been trending the most in the following countries: United States, Philippines, Portugal, New Zealand, Argentina, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Indonesia, and Japan!

Take a listen below.....

Download it from Amazon below....only $.99

Thanks so much for your support of my music!

So as you can......This was the Harvest. But it first started with a seed. 

Consistency & Patience

If you are like me, patience is something that I am STILL learning to work into my life - in fact, into every area of my life. 

Patience is not always easy. :)

The process of seedtime and harvest requires consistency and patience. They go hand and hand. The farmer really knows and understands this. I am sure the farmer doesn't get frustrated and stomps on the ground because he/she is not seeing any evidence from the ground. The farmer knows the Law of Seedtime & Harvest. 

Yet, when we start to plant seeds, we often times become frustrated or lose faith cause we don't see any "fruit of our labor". We must work in accordance with the Law of Seedtime & Harvest. 

In the ancient scriptures of old (Galatians 6:9), it says,

"For at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up

The key is if we do not give up!

What happens if you stop watering and nourishing a seed? It dies and doesn't grow. (this happens when give up).  So we must never give up and in the proper time, we will reap the harvest. 

This is a perfect example of consistency and patience. Months ago, I signed up for Ibotta. It's an app that you can download, click the items that you purchase normally, upload your receipts from your favorite stores (Target, Giant, Walmart, Amazon, etc) and you earn CASH back. This is literally FREE money. And some retailers, you can link your rewards card and then you don't even have to upload your receipts. It happens automatically. This is what I did for Target. No more uploading receipts! 

I remember when I first started, I was like. Ugh, I don't feel like uploading my receipts. And some weeks, I only earned less than $1. Other weeks, depending on the specials or sales, I earned a few dollars. After a few weeks of seedtime and watering, I started to notice my account growing and growing. 

Until recently, I had earned over $100 in FREE money from Ibotta. You can cash them out for ecards or have it deposited right into your bank account. You also can earn FREE cash for referring others too. (If you are not using Ibotta, you can check it out here. I realize I was really throwing money down the drain by not utilizing this platform. I am looking forward to my next $100!)

It's Time To Plant Those Seeds

So just think about it - you have this wonderful soil ready for seeds. What seeds do you want to plant? What goals, dreams, or passions that you have in our heart? 

It saddens my heart when I hear someone say "I don't have any dreams or goals". There are so many of us that are living with a "just getting by" or "survival" mentality. We were meant for greatness here on earth. We were meant to live a wonderful and fulfilled life. Not just living to survive or "to get by". 

Remember: Anything is possible!

We are only bound by the limitations of our own mind. 

This is one of my favorite quotes...

"If this time-space reality has within it the ability to inspire a desire within you, it is absolute that this time-space reality has the ability to yield you a full and satisfying manifestation of that same desire. It is Law." ~ Abraham-Hicks.

Isn't about time you start planting those seeds? 

Remember....."For at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" 

This is YOUR Season - it's Harvest Time!

Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Blogger

P.S. Missed My Last Blog? No problem.

"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

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