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The Powerful Law of Gratitude: Part II - How Do I Practice Gratitude?

Updated: Mar 26

The Powerful Law of Gratitude: Part II - How Do I Practice Gratitude?

Last blog, we discussed the powerful benefits of gratitude and how it can literally change your life in every day. 

We learned the powerful mental, spiritual and physical benefits of practicing gratitude on a daily basis. 

Additionally, we learned that the more you continue to  practice gratitude, the more things that you desire will flow into your life that will cause you be even more grateful for. On the other hand, the more you complain about the lack of something in your life, the more you will attract to you (like a magnet) more things to complain about. 

Sow complaints, reap more things to complain about.

Sow Gratitude, reap more things to be grateful for.

What are you sowing in your life? 

This blog will focus on "How Do I Practice Gratitude"

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post -Gratitude is much more than just saying "thank you" when someone opens the door for you. We must FEEL it and express it. 

Start Your Day With Gratitude

Rhonda Byrne who is the author of "The Magic" which teaches on the powerful benefits of gratitude and shows you over 21 days how to practice gratitude with daily gratitude practices. 

Here is something you can try in the morning when you first wake up (from Rhonda Byrne's Daily Secret Teachings)....start your day right with a rampage of appreciation and gratitude. We all know when you start your day the wrong way, it just spirals into the rest of your day. Here is your chance to change that and begin your day right.  

Express your gratitude to your Higher Power (God, The Universe, Source, whatever fits your spiritual beliefs). 

Begin your day by feeling grateful. Be grateful for the bed you just slept in, the roof over your head, the carpet or floor under your feet, the running water, the soap, your shower, your toothbrush, your clothes, your shoes, the refrigerator that keeps your food cold, the car that you drive, your job, your friends. Be grateful for the stores that make it so easy to buy the things you need, the restaurants, the utilities, services, and electrical appliances that make your life effortless. Be grateful for the magazines and the books that you read. Be grateful for the chair that you sit on, and the pavement that you walk on. Be grateful for the weather, the sun, the sky, the birds, the trees, the grass, the rain, and the flowers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne The Secret and The Power... bringing joy to billions

Now isn't that powerful? The more you are grateful for, the more things to be grateful will appear in your life. It's all about your focus. Where are you focusing your attention? On things that are going wrong in your life? Or where things are going right? 

Being Grateful Throughout the Day - Cue The Magic

Being grateful is a choice, so we must make a conscious decision to be grateful - no matter what happens during our days. In Rhonda  Byrne's book, "The Magic", one of the daily practices is called "Cue the Magic". Basically it talks about we are given cue's throughout the day so that we can continue to practice and express gratitude. 

Here are some examples (from the book, "The Magic")

~ When you begin a new day, and someone says, "Good morning", you're being given a magic cue to be grateful for the good morning.

~ If you come across someone who is really happy, it's your magic cue to be grateful for happiness.

~ And if you overhear another person saying thank you, anywhere at anytime, it's your magic cue to say thank you!

~ If you hear an ambulance siren, the magic cue from the Universe is to be grateful for perfect health.

~ If you see a police car, your magic cue is to be grateful for safety and security.

~ If you see someone reading a newspaper, it's your magic cue to be thankful for great news.

~ If you want to change the weight of your body, when you see another person with you perfect weight, it's your magic cue from the Universe to be thankful for your perfect weight.

~ If you want a romantic partner, when you see a couple madly in love it's your magic cue to be grateful for the perfect partner.

~ If you want to have a family, when you see babies and children, take the magic cue and be grateful for children.

~ When you pass by your bank, or an ATM, it's your magic cue to be grateful for plenty of money. 

These are just a few - but there are tons of ways to be alert and notice the cue's you are given to be grateful. For the more you focus your attention on things to be grateful - through the Law of Sowing & Reaping, you will reap more things in your life to be grateful. It is Law!

Ending Your Day With Gratitude

Now lastly, there is a beautiful TRUE story about "A Magic Rock". You can read the story here. As you soon will find out, the rock is not magic at all. Its a reminder to be grateful. As a suggestion find a beautiful rock in your home or outside. Find one that feels good to hold. Once you find one, keep it by your bedside and before you go to sleep each night, hold the rock and think about the BEST thing that happened to you during the day and BE and FEEL grateful. It can be anything. Just BE and FEEL grateful. This will ensure you go to sleep in an attitude of gratitude. 

If you want to increase the power of gratitude even more in your life, you can get a gratitude journal and write down 3-10 things you are grateful for each night. Then when you hold the rock, you can just focus on the BEST thing that you are grateful for that night. 

I truly hope these tips will help you experience and express gratitude on a daily basis.

"Morning, Noon and Night - let gratitude flow through your soul and you will reap the benefits thereof" - LT Turner Jr

Next blog post will be:

Part III: Where Should I Focus My Gratitude? (followed by Conclusion)

Until next time,

"Sow some gratitude today. It's free, you will FEEL better doing it, and you will reap the benefits of this powerful force" - LT Turner Jr

Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Enthusiast

P.S. Missed My Last Blog? No problem.

"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you!

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