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Unleash The Butterfly Within

Unleash The Butterfly Within

Nature has many beautiful examples of transformation and it never cease to amaze me at all the lessons we can learn from nature, if we are open to learning. One amazing transformation that literally happens before our eyes are the seasons. It's amazing how one season transforms to another. Winter turns into Spring. Spring turns into Summer. Summer turns into Fall, and the cycle starts all over again. 

One of the most beautiful transformations of all time is the amazing metamorphosis of a butterfly. Every time I see this beautiful insect, it reminds me of our dreams and our desires. That we have the innate ability to unleash the butterfly within in our lives so that our dreams can take wings and come to fruition. 

The Caterpillar Stage

There are lots of things that need to happen between this stage of a caterpillar and the last stage of when it becomes a butterfly. The job of the caterpillar at this stage is to eat and eat. It also sheds it skin 4-5 times during the process of being a caterpillar. In the same way, we must feed our dreams and desires with good, positive things. Affirmations, hope, faith, love, positive people in our lives, etc. 

Additionally, we must continually shed off all our old and limiting beliefs. Before the next stage to occur in our transition - this must be done. We can not receive the new without shedding and getting rid of the old. We must release and let go and allow the shedding of the old.  

The Chrysalis

When the caterpillar becomes full grown, the next process of this magical metamorphosis is the chrysalis (also known as pupa). It may seem that not much is happening on the inside at this stage. However, on the contrary, there is much happening on the inside. The cells are growing, the eyes, legs, wings and other parts that are needed to become a butterfly are developing and growing during this process. 

In the same light, it may not seem much is happening with our dreams or desires. We worked hard and did all that we know we can, but sometimes it seems like nothing is happening. We just feel stuck. 

Too many times, we give up at this stage. We stop dreaming. We stop pursuing. We stop having faith. We stop having hope. We just give up. 

But let me encourage you - before your dream or desire came come to life as a butterfly, this chrysalis stage is necessary. Although you may not see anything happening, doesn't mean nothing is actually happening in the atmospheric continuum. This is faith like universe. Much of what is happening behind the scenes, we can't see.

We just must know that the cells of our dreams are growing. They are growing eyes, legs and the wings to fly in order to come to fruition. 

If we don't give up, the next process of this magical metamorphosis will occur. But only if we don't give up

The Butterfly

Ahhhh, this is such a beautiful sight to behold. It's truly amazing that something like a caterpillar can magically transform into this beautiful sight. 

In our lives, this is the stage where our dreams take shape and wings and come to fruition. This is also a time where new dreams and desires may develop and the process repeats itself. Once we have been through the chrysalis process, we know that if we don't give up, our dreams and desires will transform into something beautiful. 

If you are in the chrysalis stage right now, keep believing and keep hope alive in your heart. Remember, there is actually a lot going on in that process. In fact, the most happens during that stage. Once all that is complete, then your dreams and desires blossoms into a beautiful butterfly. 

Isn't it about time for you to unleash the butterfly within? It's all up to you!!! 

I Believe In YOU!

Be Blessed & Inspired Always, LT Turner Jr Inspirational Blogger

P.S. Missed My Last Blog? No problem.

"Believe & Never Give Up On Your Dreams"

- LT Turner Jr

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