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What Are The Health Benefits of Meditation? You Will Be Amazed!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

What Are The Health Benefits of Meditation? - Tools to Achieve Success

What Are The Health Benefits of Meditation? You Will Be Amazed!!

As discussed in my previous post (Simple Meditation for Beginners), I wanted to provide some info on the health benefits one can achieve simply by meditating. Now I am sure you’re wanting to ask me….

So LT….what ARE the health benefits of meditation? And can meditation really provide these benefits?

The simple and resounding answer is YES.

Our bodies were created with natural healing abilities and one of the ways to channel this natural extension of healing is through meditation. By practicing meditation on a daily basis, you can achieve some wonderful and powerful results in your health and well-being. And to top it off, its been scientifically proven too!

So let’s get right into some main health benefits of meditation…..

Promotes a Healthy Heart

Meditation - Promotes a Healthy Heart

Did you know that research suggests that regular practice of meditation could actually protect from heart disease? In fact the American Heart Association recommends meditation for this reason. Meditation supports your heart heath in so many ways from helping you cope with stress to lowering high blood pressure.

Recently, I had a super stressful day at work. And despite how stressful it was, I still felt centered and calm, almost like a shield was around my mind. If I did not meditate that morning, I am sure I would not have been able to cope with the stress of the day.

Stress is one the leading causes of heart disease and simply by taking time each day to meditate, one can channel this natural extension of healing to your body. When one meditates, it lowers your heart rate and increases air to your lungs which in turn allows for a more balanced body and healthy heart.

Boost Immune System

Your mind and body are connected. This connection is essential in how the immune system functions and operates to attack any invading disease organisms in the body. Your immune system or “floating brain” what some calls it (due to its highly intellectual aspect), receives chemical messages sent by the brain to the body.

Your immune system (comprised of immune cells) respond to both negative and positive thoughts. Through meditation, it sends positive thought vibrations (i.e…….communication) to the body which in turns boost your immune system and produces antibodies in your system.

Meditation also stimulates immune system brain function regions. These areas of the brain acts as a “command center”, thus allowing your immune system to function more effectively.

Pretty awesome how that works, huh?

Helps to Reduce Pain

As we learned in the paragraphs above regarding our immune system, our mind and body are connected. Meditation stimulates various parts of the brain that sends messages to the body to reduce pain.

Another way that meditation helps to reduce pain is this fact: Meditation reduces stress which allows the body to return to its natural state of well-being, thus reducing any pain associated.

Relaxes The Muscles

Stress is common problem for tension in our muscles. By simply taking some time to meditate each day, you will reduce your stress, thus relieving any tension in your muscles and body.

What a great natural muscle relaxer!!

Promotes a Healthy Brain

Meditation - Promotes a Healthy Brain

If you are like me, you are starting to see how everything in our body is connected. When we meditate, it increases our brain function, thus promoting a healthy brain. When this happens, it reduces the possibilities of headaches and migraines. You will achieve better focus and clarify of mind, all simply by meditating!!

Prevents Premature Aging

Okay, I can hear you laughing at this one! Can meditation actually prevent premature aging? Absolutely YES! By practicing regular meditation, it reduces free radicals in body. Free radicals are particles that destroy cells and contribute to premature aging of the skin. Through meditation, you reduce these destructive particles, thus reducing skin aging.

Sounds like the fountain of youth can be found through meditation! 🙂

Alleviates Depression & Anxiety

Meditation increases serotonin levels in the body, which improves your overall mood. Many believe that an imbalance of these serotonin levels can result in a depressed state or increased anxiety.

Therefore, through regular meditation, it can…

  1. Improve the brain function

  2. Balance serotonin levels in the body

  3. Reduce and/or alleviate depression & anxiety

Improves Sleep

Meditation - Improves Sleep

Melotonin is a powerful “neurochemical” that is essential in the falling asleep process. These levels peak close to bedtime to ensure you get a good nights rest. Studies has shown that through meditation, your melotonin levels increase thus ensuring when its time for bed, your body is ready and ensures a good night sleep.

Can you guess the number one killer of Melotonin? Stress! (yes, that word just keeps coming up!). Through meditation, not only does your melotonin levels increase, it also decreases stress which in turn will allow for a more balance state of well-being. EOC Institute states that

meditators are the best world sleepers!

Meditation is a natural aid to insomnia!

Live Long & Prosper!

One of the most amazing benefits of meditation is that studies show that those who meditate regularly, lives longer than those who don’t. Given all the benefits that we have uncovered here, I can actually see why. Not only does meditation improve your health and well-being, but you will live with more peace, clarity, joy and happiness.

When you have peace of mind and clarity, you are able to pursue life, set goals, and personally develop yourself to be the BEST YOU! This alone is a true miracle in my book!

Are You Amazed?

Meditation - Are You Amazed?

It’s amazing that a simple act of meditation can have profound results on your health & well-being.

Here are three key points to remember:

  1. Your mind and body are connected

  2. Stress is destructive to your mind and physical body. So we must strive to find ways to reduce stress in our lives.

  3. Meditation is an all natural process to achieve health and well-being.

I love meditating. Not only will it help you feel refreshed, balanced and centered, you will reap the powerful health benefits mentioned above as well.

I often get asked a lot, what is my secret to being calm, centered and healthy. One of those secrets is through meditation. Here is a free download that I use to achieve 1 hour of meditation in only 12 mins. Just relax and close your eyes and breathe while listening. This audio uses a technology called “brainwave entrainment” which induces a deeper relaxed state in 12 mins. I love it and I think you will too. Enjoy!

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you!

To Your Health & Well-being – This is Your Season Now!

Disclaimer – Although Meditation is considered safe and effective for everyone, this article by no means is suggesting meditation as a substitute to professional medical attention or treatment. Please discuss with your doctor should you have any doubts.

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LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Nov 24, 2019

@ Paul Hutchings - I hear you. I can definitely be that "Go Go Go" type of person myself which is why I have made it a point to set aside 10, 15, or even 20 mins per day in the morning to meditate and start each day fresh. It's a great way to provide clarity of mind in the mornings which really jump starts your day. Thanks for stopping by and reading. :)


Paul Hutchings
Paul Hutchings
Nov 13, 2019

ok, ok.. you are selling me! ha ha.. Meditation is something I've heard about for SOOO long and haven't really gotten into consistently.. I'm more of a GO GO GO person which means I probably need it even more than most... SLOW SLOW SLOW.. :-) Thanks LT for another great post!

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