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Meditation For Stress And Anxiety – The Calming Power From Within

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

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Meditation For Stress And Anxiety – The Calming Power From Within

Meditation is such a powerful tool that anyone can utilize to achieve many wonderful benefits physically, spiritually, and your overall general well-being. However, as we all are aware, stress and anxiety can literally jump in and interrupt our flow of well-being. Thus leaving us feeling helpless, run down and ultimately defeated.

The good news is that we don’t have to stay there. This is the reason why I wanted to bring to light the benefits of meditation for stress and anxiety and how you can harness the calming power from within through meditation.

Let’s first dig a little deeper on what stress and anxiety are……


Meditation for Stress and Anxiety - Tools to Achieve Success

A great acronym that I found is, “Situations That Release Emergency Signals or Stimuli“. In essence, this is exactly what stress does. Stress is the normal body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. Positive or negative events in our lives can indeed cause stress.

Stress in itself can be helpful. It keeps up alert and ready to avoid danger. However, when stress is continuous with no relief, then this is when stress starts to affect our bodies both mentally and physically. It literally throws the entire body out of alignment and can lead to various physical symptoms and ailments.

Left untreated, stress becomes distress (a negative stress reaction) that can lead to more serious health issues. When one experiences a health issue in the body, it’s usually your body’s response to “something” and in most cases, this something is usually related to stress in some form or fashion.

If we can beat stress, then stress will no longer be able to harm our bodies.


Anxiety is a normal response towards stress. You are moving to a new neighborhood, or got a new job, or meeting someone for a date – you feel anxious. This is normal anxiety and comes and goes as you experience life.

However, another type of anxiety is characterized by prolonged thoughts and feelings of fear and worry that are strong enough to interfere with ones daily life. This is why stress and anxiety are often mentioned in the same breath. It usually starts with stress and then turns into anxiety. This prolonged feeling of anxiety can be and feel debilitating.

There are various types of anxiety, which are categorized by disorders. Such as panic disorders, social anxiety, phobias, separation anxiety disorder, retroactive jealousy (obsessive thoughts) OCD , and the list goes on.

Stress or Anxiety are never pleasant. Let’s move on now to how stress and anxiety effects us.

Effects of Stress/Anxiety

Prolonged stress and/or anxiety in our life can summon a host of serious health issues. Our bodies were not made to endure constant stress. When this happens, the body begins to suffer and break down. Depression, personality disorders, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, headaches, body aches, chest pains, to name a few of the conditions that occur when stress/anxiety are not dealt with properly.

In essence your body starts to go into chaos. When this happens, your body is trying to communicate with you that something is wrong. Not only does stress and/or anxiety affect us physically, but it also effects us in every area of our life. Family, relationships, jobs, mentally, socially and even spiritually.

The GOOD news is that there are natural ways to combat stress and anxiety, and that leads us to the next section here…..

The Calming Power of Meditation

Meditation for Stress and Anxiety - Tools to Achieve Success

The title of this section is quite true. Meditation has a way to calm the entire body. Since our minds and bodies are connected, when we meditate, its like a frequency of calming waves (like peaceful ocean waves flowing to the edge of a beach) that rushes into every part of our being.

Yes, even to our cells.

If you never meditated before, please do check my article “Simple Meditation for Beginners – Getting Started. It will show you how simple meditation is and how it can have an everlasting benefit in your life – both spiritually, physically and your overall general well-being.

You will experience more peace, centeredness, and calmness. You will experience the true calming power of Meditation.

It’s Zen Time!

Meditation for Stress and Anxiety - Tools to Achieve Success

By now, you should feel empowered to know that you have a secret tool to combat the destructive effects of stress and anxiety in your life. And that secret tool is meditation. If you are suffering from severe or chronic stress or anxiety, I would recommend meditating twice per day to start and as your symptoms subside, then you can maintain through meditating once per day.

If you are looking for a simple meditation program to utilize, then Zen12 is for you. It’s simple – just put on headphones and listen. You will actually receive the benefits of 1 hour of meditation in literally only 12 mins. This program uses a special technology called “brainwave entrainment” which actually induces a deeper state of being while meditation – so that you will enjoy the full benefits of 1 hour meditation in only 12 mins.

It comes in 4 different flavors for your choose (or rotate on):

  1. Guided Meditation (this is good when you are first starting off)

  2. Relaxing Music

  3. Nature Sounds

  4. White Noise

Choose the one that you would prefer, sit back and relax. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position or light a candle (unless you want to). Just relax, close your eyes, breath and listen.

This is one of the meditation programs that I use to maintain peace, calm, and well-being in my life. I love meditation and I think you will too. Not only will you experience the benefits of meditation for stress and anxiety, but you will experience the spiritual benefits as well.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and start meditating today.

Here is your free meditation download to get started.

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you!

To Your Health & Well Being – It’s YOUR Season Now!

Meditation for Stress and Anxiety - Tools to Achieve Success

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LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
Nov 24, 2019

@ Paul Hutchings - Thanks so much for stopping by and you are very welcome. Ha ha, glad you liked the picture too. I thought it would become useful one day with a blog post. :)


Paul Hutchings
Paul Hutchings
Nov 13, 2019

Such a great post LT! Love this definition you gave - “Situations That Release Emergency Signals or Stimuli“. and also how you highlighted that stress can be positive.. oh and I LOVE the picture up top... :-) you Rock LT! Thanks for all these helpful tips and for your consistency!

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