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Best Meditation Programs – Zen12 & Getting Into the Vortex

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Best Meditation Programs - Zen12 & Getting Into the Vortex

Trying to find a meditation program can sometimes be like finding a needle in the haystack! The good news is that I have narrowed down those needles to two of my best meditation programs.

In fact, I actually use both and rotate between the two (among others). Here are my two TOP suggested meditation programs:


Best Meditation Programs - Zen12

Through this meditation program, you can literally receive the benefits of 1 hour of meditation in only 12 mins (higher levels reach about 15-16 mins). This is done through a unique technology called “brainwave entrainment” which induces a super deep state of relaxation during the meditation process. This is especially great for beginners, but anyone at any level can utilize this program.

It comes in 4 flavors:

  1. Guided Meditation

  2. Relaxing Music

  3. Nature Sounds

  4. White Noise

So you can choose the one that works best for you. I personally love the guided meditation (really nice & relaxing British accent) and the relaxing music. Two of my favorites.

Through this program, you will enjoy more happiness, joy and well-being in your life through the benefits of meditation. To learn more about the benefits of meditation, here is an article I wrote on the benefits.(What Are The Health Benefits of Meditation? You Will Be Amazed!)

Here is a free download to try it out for yourself!!! Enjoy!

Best Meditation Programs - Zen12

Getting Into the Vortex:

Best Meditation Programs - Getting Into the Vortex

This meditation program is by Esther & Jerry Hicks* (through Abraham) and based off the natural Law of Attraction and The Vortex (a book written by Esther & Jerry Hicks*). This Vortex is a vibrational holding place of all your dreams and desires. Through this meditation, you will release any resistance and align with your true desires so that they can flow to you naturally.

It comes with four 15 min meditations:

  1. Financial Well-Being

  2. General Well-Being

  3. Physical Well-Being

  4. Relationships

Just close your eyes, breathe and listen to the soft voice of Esther (through Abraham) speak spiritual words of truth, wisdom and encouragement.

Also, if you are into learning more about this “Vortex”, I would recommend reading the book AND doing the meditations together. Talk about harmonic balance.

*Jerry Hicks made his transition into Non-Physical in November 2011. However, Esther Hicks continues to travel all over the US (and world through cruises) holding seminars and workshops.

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Learn More About Meditation:

Best Meditation Programs - Zen12 & Getting Into the Vortex

Meditation for Beginners:

Discover the Health Benefits of Meditation:

Stress & Anxiety? Meditation can help!!!!

Discover how Meditation & The Law of Attraction works together….

To all of your dreams and desires – remember, it’s YOUR Season NOW!

If you found value in this post, have comments regarding the topic, or have any questions I can answer for you, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. Click Here to view my Affiliate Disclosure. Thank you for your support!

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LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
May 19, 2020

@Alex Bender - That's sounds great. I think Zen12 would be great to start with. Enjoy :)


LT Turner Jr
LT Turner Jr
May 19, 2020

@Amy Starr Allen - Wow, that's so awesome with your meditation experience. You definitely sound like an consistent meditator like myself. I am sure you realize the powerful benefits that meditation brings to our lives. :) What I have learned is that meditation in itself is very simple and yields some powerful benefits. Thanks so much for stopping by. PS. I love it "Value Bombs" :) I'll do my best. :)


Alex Bender
Alex Bender
May 18, 2020

I've struggled for years to do meditation. I'll have to give these a crack


Amy Starr Allen
Amy Starr Allen
May 17, 2020

Wow. So much value here, LT. I'm a long time meditator and I haven't tried either of these. I currently practice TM (Transcendental Meditation) every day... and I'm also a long time student of Vipassana (I've done several of the silent 10 Day Vipassana retreats as well). What I love about what you shared here is the simplicity of these techniques, and the fact that a beginner can easily get started for only 12 minutes per day to experience the benefits! That's so cool. And I'm a HUGE Abraham Hicks fan... I've just never done their meditations, so thanks! Thanks for always dropping so many value bombs. I love this blog, and reading your stuff. I'll be back!

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